Plaster & Stucco Repair

Before the invention of wallboard, traditional gypsum plaster was applied we over brick, wood lath, and rock lath. 

DRSTUCCOSD is your source for exceptional work in plastering , and stucco from new to repair work.  We provide excellent service and attention to detail in both residential and commercial properties. Our specialties include repairing and patching plaster, stucco and drywall. We restore the surface to its original form from life's minor crisis, such as plumbing access holes, water damage, or even the accident that made a hole in the wall. Unfortunately, these issues do occur and need to be addressed therefore feel confident in calling DRSTUCCOSD and make an appointment at 619-646-5862.

Residential Plaster and Stucco Repairs

  We have a great deal of experience in repairing plaster damage in homes caused by water intrusion and the normal aging process of a house.  When General Contractors renovate older homes, they call on us to repair damage to the plaster brought about by the removal of walls and ceilings. 

As a full-service plaster repair company, we are able to repair your old walls and ceilings from cracks, holes, or unsightly previously repaired areas you are unhappy with using new plaster in order to bring these areas back to their original form. Plaster repairs include: fixing hairline cracks that often occur when the seasons change, water damage, skimming unwanted areas or ceilings that have begun to break down.  In the end we make the wall or ceiling look new again and prepare it for paint or paper.

Plaster Ceilings

We also do specialty plaster work on new and remodeled homes.  These projects include barrel ceilings, domes, curved surfaces, fireplaces, and textures.  Occasionally, we are called on to plaster the curved backside of a spiral staircase.

Plaster Walls

DRSTUCCOSD specialize in plaster walls and have extensive knowledge in all applications and design. 

Other Services

  • Repair, patch and install drywall
  • Repair, patch install conventional stucco
  • Stucco maintenance service between seasons to assess condition and caulk needed areas to prevent future problems. 

Along with repairing plaster, our company repairs, patches, and installs new drywall.  Conventional stucco is another specialty that we repair and install.  Like plaster we use the same methods for installations or replacements as when the house or building was built.  Stucco is unique in the sense that it has a long history around the globe in in the exterior application of homes and buildings with a variety of textures.  Portland cement and sand are the main ingredients. It is a three coat system involving a scratch coat, brown coat and finish coat.  Part of the allure of stucco for an exterior finish is the texture.  Textures are the finishing touch to a quality stucco job and we do our best to match existing textures or create a unique look for your home.  

As a maintenance service between the seasons of spring, summer, fall, and to winter we can provide you with an annual check up of your existing stucco.  This service includes looking over the building and diagnosing problem areas before they occur.  When dealing with stucco protecting the finish is of utmost importance. A method to prevent problems is caulking minor cracks preventing serious problems in the future.

DRSTUCCOSD offers the highest quality plastering services for your residential or commercial needs.  As a fully insured local business we strive to serve our community, providing excellent service, and satisfaction.  We pride ourselves on being punctual, clean, ready to work and prepared for the scheduled project.  We repair plaster walls and ceilings using conventional plaster of yesteryear, as well as repair newer types of plaster and drywall to ensure full-service plastering.

We do our absolute best to respect your home or building and match the original style and materials. If your home is plaster we repair it with plaster, if your home is drywall we repair it in drywall.  We respect the building. We do not skimp or use shortcuts. We are patch masters and take pride in bringing old walls and ceilings back to their original form.  Take a look at our client testimonials for proof of our excellent work and customer service.

No matter what type of job, you can count on us to be punctual, clean, considerate and conscientious of you, your home and property.  Whether it be seasonal cracking, major water damage from a hole in the roof, or a pipe leak in your walls, we offer the skills necessary to restore the plaster walls or ceilings and make them ready for paper or paint.  Our goal is to make past emergencies, accidents or blemishes of walls and ceilings disappear under the most meticulous scrutiny after painting.

From the beginning we will be glad to spend time discussing the best possible plastering options for you and your home.  Not to worry each job starts with clean cloth tarps and plastic.  In finishing, we sweep, vacuum and clean all areas where work was completed.