Vibration damage

Why Does My Stucco Crack?

CRACKING IN PORTLAND CEMENT PLASTER Stucco, make up of sand Portland cement, and water is a protective coating but is not of itself a waterproofing product. The lathing paper which is applied behind the plaster acts as a water barrier allowing any water which penetrates the plaster skin to run down the paper and out […]

stucco test of time

Stucco: The Test of Time

Stucco & The Test of Time Stucco has been used for generations and has undergone a few changes in composition and application. While it is an older type of material, it is still used today in many areas. Stucco is a material used in architectural projects for walls and ceilings; it is also used for […]

wall rendering

Can Stucco Really Be Repaired?

How A Stucco Contractor Repairs Stucco Stucco is a plaster which is used to finish homes worldwide. However, it is mostly seen in warm and temperate regions as it does help to keep a home cooler. Traditional stucco is made out of limestone and cared for using regular layers of whitewash. Stucco is quite durable […]

plaster repair

Plaster Replacement and Repair

Most homes have been plastered at one time or another. Dwayne can help you to restore or replace your home’s plaster to its former glory and in so doing even improve the value of your property. If your home has marks or holes in the wall, it is nothing that some good plaster won’t be […]


Peace of Mind

A growing trend this year has been the rise in the amount of consumers who intend to remain in their dream homes for the foreseeable future, but have recently witnessed “first hand” extensive stucco remediation projects within their neighboring communities. The image of a home with scaffolding, dumpsters and work crews removing rotted wood, insulation […]

Re-Stucco Options

  Restucco/Redash   To restucco or redash means to add a new layer of stucco over the top of your current layer.  It’s troweled on in the same fashion as the original and you’re left with a new layer of stucco.  The new stucco can be colored as it’s added so you’re left with a new color […]

Why Does Stucco Crack

Stucco is used as a decorative covering for walls and ceilings. It is sometimes used over concrete and wood to make the wall or ceiling visually attractive. Stucco is one of the strongest materials out there but, despite its strength, stucco can and does develop cracks and decompose over time. Cracks around the edges of […]

History of Stucco

Stucco Is a great choice Stucco has been a material of choice for construction finishing for thousands of years. In fact, the ancient Greeks even used stucco to mould face masks which have survived to this day. Today, stucco is used extensively as an exterior cladding (covering) because of it’s durability, curb appeal and it’s […]

What is stucco and how is it made

Stucco is the common name for Portland Cement Plaster which is applied to surfaces either inside or outside buildings. Stucco is hard, durable, rot and fungus resistant, low-cost and does not need a lot of maintenance. How is Stucco Made Stucco is made from Portland cement materials, sand and water mixed together to form a […]