History of Stucco

Stucco Is a great choice

Stucco has been a material of choice for construction finishing for thousands of years. In fact, the ancient Greeks even used stucco to mould face masks which have survived to this day. Today, stucco is used extensively as an exterior cladding (covering) because of it’s durability, curb appeal and it’s versatility. Additionally, it has been used as an ornate finish for interior walls and ceilings.

bg-stuccoImage3 The plaster that the Greeks and other civilizations used became known as stucco. It was not until the Renaissance  period that the full potential of stucco as a    construction material was unleashed. The Baroque and Rococo  architecture, which were famous Renaissance architectural styles used for churches, relied  heavily on  the use of  stucco for beautification. Stucco was used on these architectural styles because of it’s versatility as it can be  molded into wonderfully  ornate forms, Some  prominent churches which were covered with stucco are the Chapel  of the Church of Santo Domingo and the Bright Mount Monastery  Basilica.

 The desirable characteristics of stucco can be attributed to its cementitious components.Up until the late 19th century stucco, like mortar, was primarily lime  based.  The discovery of Portland cement changed the composition of stucco making it a harder and more durable material. It primarily consists of a mixture of Portland  cement, sand, lime, and water. Of course a proper balance ratio is necessary to ensure that the resulting stucco is of high-quality. High-quality stucco can last up to  decades protecting your home while a poorly balanced stucco mixture can lead to the need for stucco repair.stucco_3_2070153808

Today, stucco is used a lot in new construction. The durability, attractiveness, weather-resistant, fire-resistant, and impact-resistant characteristics of properly installed stucco make it a very appealing choice for homeowners.Stucco is an upgrade in quality over vinyl siding and a less expensive alternative than brick or stone.

Applying and installing stucco correctly is critical, The reason that stucco removal has become so prevalent is due to a lack of understanding of the proper installation techniques. The knowledge and experience of an informed stucco professional is invaluable. When applied correctly it’s a smart choice as an exterior cladding.

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